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January 8, 2019

We are now in week one of Veganuary.

So far, Greggs are taking over the internet with their epic comebacks to the like of Piers Morgan and his snowflake antics, and a barrage of other anti-vegan rants from otherwise happy-to-eat-processed-sausage-roll-Tweeters. He rece...

December 18, 2018

Christmas 2018 is here already! 

My Christmas routine normally involves working like a mad woman up until Christmas Eve and then doing a last minute mad dash for all of the gifts and food items I need.

Not this year!

I have decided that, with all of the fantastic options...

November 21, 2018

Read about my top 5 beauty and personal hygiene product I currently use and love! Special discount for readers included too!

October 12, 2018

Visiting Tel Aviv and looking for vegan food? Here are my Top 5 vegan food spots I visited!

October 1, 2018

Watch my journey to straight teeth with Smilelign at Karma Dental, Fulham

September 15, 2018

Putney - there isn't  a great choice for the cruelty-free foodie, looking for something outside of the usual pizza, salad or token burger, which, don't get me wrong, is great, but sometimes, you just want to venture outside of this small circle and indulge in something...

September 7, 2018

I recently visited this cosy Cotswold's pub which has been on my list since being introduced to it's proprietor and Head Chef Nick Deverell-Smith.

August 7, 2018

My favourite vegan breakfast ideas for all occasions and tastes. From hash browns to tasty bagel recipes! All recipes by Kim Lewis (Life by Ms. Lewis)

July 19, 2018

From bao buns to doorstops, I've got the fillings to save you from dull sarnies. It's time to use your loaf...

July 12, 2018

It's always exciting as a blogger and foodie to add new gems to my restaurant black book. Find out what I ate at this cute foodie spot in London Bridge

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